: According to its completion, the Western part of the mausoleum differs. Sahara occidental : le Front Polisario accuse Rabat d'avoir violé le cessez-le-feu Par Euronews • Dernière MAJ: 03/03/2017 euronews_icons_loading There’s not a lot of economic activities, opportunities for them. News most... Popular. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation TV - 406856 | Share capital € 100,000.00 fully paid up - Tel. And Sultana Khaya. Portada; Sahara Occidental; Marruecos; Internacional; Opiniones & análisis; Confidencial; News. Contributor at The New Global Order. Not having had good relations with the Trump administration so far, having really bet on Clinton winning the elections in 2016, Morocco has had to find other ways to try to communicate to the White House its interest in strengthening their partnership, and so one of the ways they did this was through massive arm purchases, that Morocco in 2019 eclipsed Egypt as the number one arms purchaser for U.S. weaponry. … It hasn’t happened yet, thankfully. ... et le drapeau du Sahara occidentale. She pulls back her melhfa — her traditional Sahrawi robe — and shows me fresh bruises on her leg, both arms and on her breast. Vaccines, U.S. And we’ve heard nothing from the Security Council. We were the first international news team to … What you saw today is nothing compared to what we’ve witnessed, over and over, since 1975. broke the media blockade imposed by Morocco and reported from inside occupied Western Sahara. Noticias del Sahara Occidental. ELGHALIA DJIMI: [translated] If we don’t speak out, especially us, as victims who have suffered all of this, if we don’t speak out and defend our cause, this problem will remain. The Polisario Front says it is now mobilizing thousands of volunteers to join for the fight for independence. Today, no country recognizes Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, one of the most inaccessible places in the world. « Des manœuvres étrangères qui visent à déstabiliser l'Algérie » : le Premier ministre algérien, Abdelaziz Djerad, a commenté en ces termes ce samedi 12 décembre la normalisation des relations entre le Maroc et Israël, et la reconnaissance par les États-Unis de la souveraineté marocaine sur le territoire du Sahara occidental. Democracy Now! Azawan Amazigh Mohamed Rouicha Tahmouna ouasajnawi 21 auditeurs. A nearly three-decade-old ceasefire has ended in occupied Western Sahara — what many consider to be Africa’s last colony. And then they intervened against us in the street. Spanish Sahara (Spanish: Sahara Español; Arabic: الصحراء الإسبانية ‎ As-Sahrā'a Al-IsbānÄ«yah), officially the Province of the Sahara between 1958 and 1976, was the name used for the modern territory of Western Sahara when it was occupied and ruled by Spain between 1884 and 1976. Menu. But in late 2016, Democracy Now! We’re actually at the 10-year anniversary of the events that — in the documentary, you noted that Noam Chomsky called the protest at Gdeim Izik the first uprising of the Arab uprisings of 2011. In 1991, the U.N. sponsored a ceasefire and promised Sahrawis a referendum on self-determination, organized by its peacekeeping mission known as MINURSO. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The Quarantine Report. SULTANA KHAYA: [translated] He jabbed right at my eye with his baton. Dopo aver riconosciuto la sovranità marocchina sul Sahara occidentale, gli Stati Uniti sono pronti ad aprire un consolato a Dakhla, la più importante città della regione. Depuis plus de six mois, la zone tampon entre le Sahara occidental et la Mauritanie est le théâtre de tensions entre le Maroc et le Front Polisario. Author; Recent Posts; Martina Dazzi. We begin downloading their footage, as activist Mina Bali describes what happened. Ritorno Di Fiamma Nel Sahara Occidentale Le dispute per la sovranità sul Sahara Occidentale hanno lunga data, ma recentemente le tensioni tra il Regno del Marocco e il Fronte Polisario si sono riaccese, riportando l'attenzione sulla regione e sulla questione dell'indipendenza del popolo saharawi. The Western Sahara conflict has resulted in severe human-rights abuses, constantly reported by external reporters and HR activists, most notably the displacement of tens of thousands of Sahrawi civilians from the country, the expulsion of tens of thousands of Moroccan civilians by the Algerian government from Algeria, and numerous casualties of war and repression. associate professor of peace and conflict studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at Colgate University. Stay with us. Please do your part today. Sahara Occidental : Le Maroc déterminé à «réagir contre toute menace à sa sécurité» Publié le 17/11/2020 par Ali Haidar. Chaabi Maroc El Hamri Qasit Fi Ghramak 131 auditeurs. POPULAR ARTICLES. Retrouvez toute l'actualité internationale et les décryptages Sahara occidental à lire et à revoir en replay sur France 24 Le régime marocain s'emploie à planifier et à mettre en œuvre "une guerre de l'information" pour faire capoter le processus de règlement du conflit au Sahara occidental aussi bien que l'autodétermination du peuple sahraoui, a affirmé l'expert en questions militaires, Ahmed Adimi. “We’ve seen tensions on the rise, but to have open warfare like this is very significant.”. documentary, and we’re going to post the whole thing at democracynow.org, Four Days in Western Sahara: Africa’s Last Colony. Morocco has occupied the territory since 1975 in defiance of the United Nations and the international community. And what chance does the Polisario have when it comes to military competition as opposed to solving this diplomatically? There have been periods where, due to increasing tensions and the lack of progress toward self-determination, we’ve seen tensions on the rise, but to have open warfare like this is very significant. Alger furieux du troc entre le Maroc et Trump au Sahara. The Sahrawis are generally very tired of the empty promises of the Security Council and the U.N. Secretariat. JACOB MUNDY: Well, it will take a major diplomatic initiative from the U.N. A former Spanish colony, … In 2016, Democracy Now! So, it certainly is not good optics that Morocco chose to launch this military incursion in violation of the U.N. ceasefire on the same day that military commanders were in Morocco preparing for their annual African Lion exercise. We were in Marrakech, Morocco, for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Fighting has broken out in several areas between the Moroccan military and the Polisario Front, the Sahrawi liberation movement seeking independence, after the Moroccan military broke into a no-go buffer zone in southern Western Sahara. They tried to single us out, and pushed us into narrow streets where they could beat us without anyone observing. And then we’ll see what we can show the camera. Joe Biden peut revenir sur la décision du président américain sortant, Donald Trump, relative à la reconnaissance de la prétendue souveraineté marocaine sur le Sahara occidental sans conséquences sur le plan stratégique , ont soutenu trois universitaires américains dans une tribune publiée dans le Algérie The Moroccan invasion set off a 16-year-long war with the Sahrawi liberation movement known as the Polisario Front. Prosecutors Say Honduran President Hernández Took Bribes from Drug Traffickers, Over 60 People Feared Dead After Indonesia Plane Crash, U.S. to Designate Yemen’s Houthis as Terrorist Group, Sadyr Japarov Wins Kyrgyz Election, Months After He Was Sprung Free from Jail, Women Accounted for All of 140,000 Net Jobs Shed by U.S. Economy in December, Biden to Nominate William Burns, Who Helped Negotiate Iran Nuclear Deal, as, New Details Emerge of Trump’s Attempts to Overturn Georgia Election Results, Death Penalty Opponents Fight to Halt Trump’s Killing Spree in Final Days of Presidency, “This Is Voter Suppression”: 198,000 Georgia Residents Were Illegally Purged from Voter Rolls, “Americans Are Now Getting a Mild Taste of Their Own Medicine” of Disrupting Democracy Elsewhere, “Unprecedented Moment”: Far-Right Forces Swarm D.C. to Back Overturning Election, Egged On by Trump, White Supremacy in Action: Police Stand Down as Trump Mob Storms Capitol to Disrupt Election Vote. Jeudi, 07/01/2021: L'Otan retire une carte géographique où le territoire du Sahara occidental est absent. 29 minutes ago 15 . The story of Western Sahara is one of colonialism, plunder and resistance. Le 2.09.20 CODESA a été dissous par une majorité de son comité : L'autre partie s'est engagée à continuer les activités, c'est elle qui a tenu  le 25.09.20 son congrès de fondation: Derechos humanos - Human Rights - Droits humains II, Morocco violates ceasefire agreement and the Saharawi People's Liberation Army responds to this new violation, SPS, L’armée marocaine intervient à Guergarate, Algerie 1, 13.11.20, L’armée marocaine intervient contre le Polisario à Guerguerate, Jeune Afrique 13.11.20. We came chanting slogans, making peace signs with our fingers, as usual. AMY GOODMAN: Where natural resources are plundered, from phosphates to fish. AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to go back, to give a little more history to what is happening here, to Democracy Now! The original content of this program is licensed under a. This is a rush transcript. Support Contacts ASTORIA MC S.r.l. Deutsch Rabats «tödliche Autonomielösung» , Ralf Streck, Junge Welt, 20.01.04. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the Western Sahara. Sultana Khaya had her eye poked out by Moroccan police 10 years before, and she was being beaten once again. He wounded me here, under my nose. A nearly three-decade-old ceasefire has ended in occupied Western Sahara. AMY GOODMAN: In 2019, something like $1 billion the U.S. sold in missiles and other weaponry to Morocco. Where do you see this resistance going at this time? AMY GOODMAN: And can you talk about what happened when the United States was pushing for Arab nations to recognize Israel — you know, UAE, among others, Jared Kushner making a massive weapons deal with UAE? English News and Press Release on Western Sahara about Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding, Protection and Human Rights and Refugees; published on 11 Oct 2019 by UN GA That’s how long an African American man in North Carolina was held for a crime he did not commit. Chris Hedges & Ramesh Srinivasan Debate Twitter & Facebook Banning Trump, Rep. Ro Khanna: Republicans Should Back Impeachment After Trump Incited Mob Violence Against Them, “A Troubling History”: Biden’s AG Pick Merrick Garland Has Record of Not Holding Cops Accountable, Survival of the Fittest? 's documentary, _Four Days in Western Sahara: Africa's Last Colony_. Fascism Scholar: Strongman Trump Radicalized His Supporters; Turning This Back Will Be Very Hard, Is Big Tech Too Powerful? Western Sahara is widely considered to be Africa’s last colony. And significantly, South Africa is now on the Security Council, that has long been an ally of the Sahrawi people. And it was significant enough to trigger a Moroccan military incursion, that in turn triggered a Polisario response that has now led to war. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. Did you know that you can get Democracy Now! “I Need That Pardon”: Ronnie Long, Free After 44 Years, Demands Justice for His Wrongful Conviction, 2020 Ballot Initiative Wins: Abortion Rights, Lawyers for People Facing Eviction & Payday Loan Limits, Bryan Stevenson Wins “Alternative Nobel”: We Must Overturn This Horrific Era of Mass Incarceration, New Malcolm X Biography Offers Insight into His Split with Nation of Islam & Assassination, Native American Analyst: Our Voting Bloc Helped Flip Wisconsin Blue After It Voted for Trump in 2016, "Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution", Four Days in Occupied Western Sahara—A Rare Look Inside Africa’s Last Colony, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License, House Democrats Set to Impeach Trump If Mike Pence Refuses to Invoke 25th Amendment, Twitter Permanently Bans Trump’s Account as Big Tech Distances Itself from Trump, Far Right, Authorities Make More Arrests Following Domestic Terror Attack at U.S. Capitol, Brian Sicknick, Capitol Police Officer Killed in Coup Attempt, Was Antiwar Trump Supporter, Global Cases Surge as London Declares Major Incident, Japan IDs New Variant, and Iran Bans U.S., U.K. Se ha actualizado el archivo de cartografia con dos nuevos mapas: Los limites del Jat-al-Jaof, limites mencionados por Chej Mohamed El Mami, en su Kitab Al-Badia, el Trab-el-bidán, área de influéncia del Hasania. On Friday, a nearly three-decade-old ceasefire has ended in occupied Western Sahara after Morocco launched a military operation. And then we heard that Morocco would be one of the countries that would do this, as well. The ceasefire ended Friday after the Moroccan military broke into a no-go buffer zone in southern Western Sahara and exchanged fire with the Polisario Front. The connections between the Moroccan military and the U.S. military have grown in recent years, largely due to Morocco’s cooperation with the construction of AFRICOM as the U.S. military command in Africa. Professor Mundy, it’s great to have you on Democracy Now! We traveled to meet with the women shortly after the protest ended. Astoria World News Events. Sahara Occidental : Manifestantes saharauis cierran la brecha de El Gargarat; Los … So, it’s difficult to say what it will take to pull Polisario back. Oltre il muro: la RASD, Violazione dei Diritti dell'Uomo nel Sahara Occidentale, ATTUALITA' dal 1 al 31 dicembre 2003,.A cura di Jacqueline Philippe. Morocco intervenes militarily to defend plunder corridor, WSRW, 13.11.20. more by Sahara Press Service L’armée marocaine intervient à Guergarate, Algerie 1, 13.11.20 And then she fell on the ground at my feet. And so, what we’ll see is whether or not this turns into a war of attrition or if it’s just kind of a tit-for-tat exchange and then, hopefully, cooler heads from the U.N. will come in and make the usual promises. JACOB MUNDY: Yeah, we’ve heard this reported in several locations. And that just shows you that the Security Council is willing to let this issue drift. And they’ve already mobilized attacks against Moroccan positions along the separation wall inside Western Sahara. mapmaghrebine.blogspot.com was launched at November 10, 2020 and is 0 days. : He also travelled a great deal in Western Europe. Le Maroc est «fermement déterminé à réagir … He grabbed my breast and continued beating me against the wall. Roughly the size of Colorado, it has a population of about 600,000 people according to the U.N. Its main resources are fish and phosphates and it is believed to have off-shore oil reserves. We do not accept funding from advertising, underwriting or government agencies. And the significance is that Sahrawi civil society has been under incredible pressure by Morocco since 2010, since the uprising then, and we haven’t seen anything significant in terms of popular manifestations. And it’s here in Western Sahara where the scholar Noam Chomsky says the Arab Spring first began in late 2010, before the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. By Martina Dazzi January 2, 2021 January 1, 2021 Africa, Morocco, Sahara. Toutes les news Monde. It’s also a story rarely told in the international media. : The first ones had come in 1991, mainly from Western Europe. Le statut du Sahara occidental oppose depuis des décennies le Maroc aux indépendantistes du Front Polisario soutenus par l'Algérie. At the United Nations, a spokesperson for U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres warned against further violations of the ceasefire. Home Technology Schenker speaks out on the Western Sahara military base case Technology Schenker speaks out on the Western Sahara military base case “We have not seen fighting like this in Western Sahara since 1991,” says Jacob Mundy, associate professor of peace and conflict studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies at Colgate University. English Translation of “occidental” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. AMY GOODMAN: So, explain what the stakes are right now. Over the weekend, fighting broke out in several areas between the Moroccan military and the Polisario Front, the Sahrawi liberation movement seeking independence. With U.N. credentials and U.S. passports, we decided to take a chance and attempt to do what no foreign television crew has done in years: report from Africa’s last colony. World News. The Moroccan military entered the buffer zone on Friday morning to disperse the civilians, who were evacuated to safety by the Polisario Front. 04884860265 | Administrative and Economic Index (REA) no. JAMAL: She said she can’t go to a hospital, because they will not admit her, and she’s also too scared to go there. The concern is, and we’re seeing evidence, that Morocco is using this new context as a pretext to crack down on Sahrawi civil society. The State Department has actually, in some ways, been, historically, as an institution, one of the more sober voices when it comes to these efforts within various U.S. administrations to push for recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara. Le … They were a large group. AMY GOODMAN: We follow Sultana Khaya into a small bedroom. septembre 2020, Antécédents : (voir aussi http://saharaoccidental.blogspot.com/2020/09/derechos-humanos-human-rights-droits.html ). Sign up for our Daily News Digest today! Sahara occidental : Les autorités sud-africaines contestent les fake news de France 24 relayées par l’Agence marocaine MAP R. I. 09 décembre 2020 à 10 h 30 min We rely on contributions from our viewers and listeners to do our work. And then it spread. In 2016, Democracy Now! Morocco violates ceasefire agreement and the Saharawi People's Liberation Army responds to this new violation, SPS 13.11.20. You can watch the full documentary at democracynow.org. Toute l'actualité du Sahara occidental avec Afrik.com : infos, revue de presse, présentation du pays, de son économie et de sa culture. The Sahrawis, especially those who lived in exile since 1975, about 180,000 of them in the refugee camps in Tindouf, are incredibly frustrated. And there’s really no reason for them to respect the words of the U.N., because the U.N. has been on the ground since 1991 promising a referendum and has done nothing to push forward with that. Pour le département de Sabri Boukadoum, la dernière proclamation, annoncée le 10 décembre, reste « sans effet juridique », étant donné qu’elle « contrevient à l’ensemble des résolutions des Nations unies et notamment à celles du Conseil de Sécurité sur la question du Sahara occidental, la dernière étant la résolution 2548 … And Ghalia Yimani was being dragged there. I was yelling at him, “Hey, you Moroccan! Le ministère sahraoui des Affaires étrangères a annoncé auprès de l'AFP que le Front Polisario répliquait à l'opération que l'armée marocaine avait initiée ce vendredi. Sahara Policy : Find news, multimedia, reviews & opinions on Sahara. SULTANA KHAYA: [translated] All of us were participating as Sahrawis in the peaceful demonstrations for our right to self-determination. Mercredi, 06/01/2021 : L’APLS … SOUTIEN Sahara occidental: les Etats-Unis lancent le processus d'ouverture d'un consulat.

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